Smart Controllers for Irrigation Systems


"Smart Controllers" are controllers that automatically update the watering schedule to allow for changes in water needs throughout the year. So a smart controller will automatically reduce the watering times as the weather gets cooler and less water is needed. Then as the weather begins to warm up, the controller will add more watering time. The way this typically works is that you set the controller for a default maximum watering time, based on the hottest time of year. Then the controller reduces that time amount by a percentage value when less water is needed. There are several methods used by different controllers to determine how much to reduce the watering time. Some controllers may allow for use of more than one method. Here's a list of the common methods used by smart controllers to determine the watering time:

Some companies sell add-on equipment, such as moisture sensors, that can be used with any brand of controller to make it "smart".

With all smart controllers there is an initial shake down period of a few months when the controller will need weekly adjustments. During this time you fine-tune the controller to your actual conditions. After that the controller takes care of the adjustments.